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  • Frimancha
The end result of patience

Cured products

Frimancha sells a wide variety of cured meats produced by different companies in the Vall Companys Group. Top quality ham legs, ham shoulders, loins and cold and cured meats from the White, Duroc and Iberian breeds are sourced from selected herds across the Iberian Peninsula.


Our products

Jamón Serrano Reserva Corte V
Ref. 55010P
Centro Jamón Serrano Bodega Corte V
Ref. 55030P
Centro Jamón Serrano Reserva Corte V
Ref. 55011P
Bloque Jamón Curado s/Piel V Gran Rendemiento
Ref. 55036P
Bloque Jamón Curado s/Piel V Gran Rendemiento 1/2 P
Ref. 55037P
Pork Loin
Ref. 55308P
Contains trace soy
Pork Loin 1/2 pc.
Ref. 55317P
Contains trace soy
Fuet Espetec al Natural 180 g de Lomo 1/2 P
Ref. 55320P
Jamón Serrano 11 Meses 1/2 Lonchas L-100 g
Ref. 55098L
Jamón Serrano Bodega L-500 g
Ref. 55099L
Jamón Curado 2ª L-1000 g
Ref. 55088L