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Flavor of always

Tradition is about maintainning time-honoured flavours

Every time we develop a new product at Frimancha, we set ourselves the same goal: to make sure that we retain its genuine flavour. In a world full of innovation, it’s sometimes important to stop for a second, remember traditional production methods, and take time to savour the flavour.

When the source counts

The source of our food is hugely important and we are very much aware of that fact. That’s why all the products we manufacture are the result of a vertical production process in which every phase, from the animals’ birth through to the final distribution, is controlled by us. This integration means we can offer the assurance of complete traceability from the source and, even more importantly, a total guarantee of food safety and quality.


Our products

Cooked Shoulder Peñamayor 11x11
Ref. 52350P
Contains trace soy
Reformed Cold Cut
Ref. 52400P
Contains trace soy Contains milk
Reformed Cold Cut Sandwich
Ref. 52410P
Contains soy
Prepared Loin Pork
Ref. 51090
Contains trace soy
Prepared Loin Pork 1/2 P
Ref. 51095
Contains trace soy
Smoked and Pickled Loin 1/2 P
Ref. 51010P
Contains soy
Smoked and Pickled Loin
Ref. 51030P
Contains soy
Galatine of Loin Cut Marinade
Ref. 51040
Contains soy
Smoked and Pickled Iberian Loin 1/2 P Adobado 1/2 Piezas
Ref. 51042
Contains trace soy
Cooked and Smoked Loin Bone In
Ref. 53200
Contains soy
Cooked ans Smoked Loin 1/2 P
Ref. 53300
Contains soy