• Integration
    All Frimancha products are integrated in the same production cycle, ensuring complete traceability of every product from source.
    Animal welfare
    Guaranteeing animal welfare, both on our holdings and at the abattoir, is a key factor in our production process.
  • Rocío
    Grupo Vall Companys
    This was Alimentaria 2018.
    Production capacity
    The Frimancha facilities boast a very high production capacity which means we can meet any production challenge.
    Our cutting and deboning divisions always follow the exact specifications of our clients.
  • Commitment to innovation
    Innovation in our systems, technology and production processes is one of the factors that sets Frimancha apart from the rest.
    Quality and certification
    The result of all this is completely natural meat with genuine flavour that meets every food safety and quality guarantee.
The company


Founded in 1969 in Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real, Frimancha specialises in the slaughter, deboning and distribution of top quality beef and the preparation of multi-meat products, thanks to its integration in the Vall Companys Group.

Throughout its history, the company has always been known for its high-quality products with complete food safety assurance, prepared to the exact specifications of our clients. Today, thanks to our modern facilities, integrated production cycle and team of expert staff, Frimancha is one of the leading distributors of beef and processed meat in the central and southern Iberian Peninsula.

Experts in Beef

“As far as we are concerned, producing top quality beef and processed meats is more than just offering a product: it’s about using all our experience to guarantee the confidence of our clients and consumers. Because we are the experts in beef.”

Unidad comercial
The company

Business unit

The commercial structure of Frimancha provides close coverage of the whole central and southern region of the Iberian Peninsula. With the aim of providing the most helpful possible service, the company’s sales representatives from each office visit our clients regularly in person.

Córdoba Regional Office

Polígono Industrial Chinales, parcela 44, nave 12
14007 Córdoba
Teléfono: 957 28 18 11

Sevilla Regional Office

Polígono Industrial Laguna Larga
C/Laguna Larga, Nº 6
41500 Alcalá de Guadaira
Teléfono: 954 51 55 21

Mérida Regional Office

C/ Pamplona, Nº 29
06800 Mérida
Teléfono: 924 37 83 00

Málaga Regional Office

Polígono Industrial “La Huertecilla”
C/ Generación, Nº 36 (El Tarajal)
29196 Málaga

Product and company certifications

Certified quality

Frimancha has IFS certification (International Food Standard). This guarantees the highest standard of food safety in all the company’s production processes as well as compliance with the most demanding regulatory standards. 


The production process at Frimancha is characterised by the integration of every production phase, from rearing the cattle on our farms with our own feed and veterinary materials through to the handling, slaughter, cutting and distribution of our meat products.
This integration allows us to offer fully guaranteed quality and safety at every stage of the process, as well as complete traceability from source.


Vall Companys is a leading Spanish family-owned agri-food group founded in 1956. The Vall Companys Group operational model is based on the integration of all stages of the production process, and the work of dedicated professionals who are highly trained in their respective fields.

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